Dominate Search Engines

Before we get started with SEO, here are some numbers regarding Google and the Internet highlighting how important SEO is for your website.

Theses numbers will also illsutrate the differences between all the various devices used to access the Internet and why you should think ahead when you are considering creating a website or doing any kind of makeover on your existing one.

Unfortunately it is really hard to get exact up-to-date numbers, so keep in mind if not accurates at least you will grasp the general idea behind those numbers.


Améliorez vos ranking dans le moteurs de recherche avec notre offre de référencement naturel, SEO

Google numbers on the Internet

Since your landed on this page :


search querys were sent to Google

Google crawled


pages since you got here

Google Key Numbers

  • Over 167 billions searches per month  (May 2016 numbers)
  • Google crawls over 20 billions pages every day (chiffre d’août 2012)
  • Google is THE most visited website in the world
  • You can use Google in more than 112 different languages
  • 15% of monthly searches are new query never made before !
  • 72% of internet user click on the first link on Search Engine Result Page
  • 90% click on one of the first three links

If you want to know more, you can have a look at this video from Google team, it’s a been long but really interesting.

Internet Numbers

  • Almost 3.5 billions individuals are Internet users
  • Over 2.34 billions of those are social network users
  • In 2015 there were a little more than 850 millions websites on the Internet
  • It was only 200 millions in 2010
  • There are at least 4.62 billions indexed pages in 2016
  • 48% of internet users are located in Asia
  • 52% of the top 10 millions websites is in English
  • 49% of the internet usage is from Desktop
  • Meaning 51% comes from mobile devices !
utilisateurs internet dans le monde

This graph illustrates the penetration rate for each device type in the world (although it needs an update considering new data evidences and trend)

So, what is SEO really?

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a tedious and complex work combining a wide array of techniques in order to get better rankings in search engine for specific queries.
You will need to work both on your website and everywhere else on the internet to achieve those results.

However it is heavily time consuming, and results can take weeks even months to happen. After all, if you do it there is a good chance others are also doing it…. Targeting the right keywords is often crucial to get the best of your SEO campaign.

Add on top of this that Google is constantly updating his algorithms and knowing that Bing, Yahoo or every search engine uses differents methods to rank pages and that mobile and desktop don’t rank the way anymore, and you start to get a pretty good idea of the complexity of SEO !

How to optimize your rankings ?

It is gonna take a lot of work, time and patience to get there… This is where we come along to help you.

We put together 3 differents solutions to walk through a better website optimization. Let’s review them.

On-site SEO audit

  • We define keywords together
  • We run a full audit of your current website
  • We study the competition to find new leads
  • We hand you over a complete report with detailed strategy

starting at CHF 490.-
Price will vary based on number of keywords and size of your website.

On-site pages optimization

  • Choice of keywords together
  • Optimization of textes
  • Optimization of titles
  • Optimization of tags
  • Optimization of images

starting at CHF 50.-/page
Price will vary based on page lenght and number of images.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

  • Choice of keywords together
  • On-site pages optimization
  • Use of full array of advanced « white hat » techniques

starting at CHF 250.-/month (6 months min)
You need to contact us, since price will vary tremendously based on all of the above parameters.

SEO training

If you want to learn more about SEO, we provide traininsg for companies or individuals.

You don’t need any programming knowledge to learn the basics of SEO, and we will adapt our training course based on your current knowledge of the Internet and SEO.

How to run an audit?

So you know what to look for, and what should be changed for your website.

Correcting mistakes.

Learn how to correct mistakes that have been identified through our audit.

SEO strategy.

Learn how to put together an efficient strategy according to your budget and available time.

Internal and External linking.

Tips and tricks on a winning netlinking strategy to grow you internet reputation.