Give your website a new youth

Tools, customers, products, norms, even you change all the time.
What seemed cool, trending and best practice back then, might not be anymore today.

There are plenty of reasons why you want or need changes, and yes even your website does need to change and update.

Even our agency went through a complete makeover of our website after only 9 months, so you get to find the informations you need faster.


relooking de site internet

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A Makeover ? What for ?

For whatever reasons, you want to change your website and you are right about it, so let’s walk through the process

First off, let’s get in touch so we can define the exact extent of the changes you wish for, then we’ll send you an offer that best matches your expectations.

Makeover doesn’t necessarily means a tremendous amount of changes with a complete website redesign, it could simply be :

  • Change of colors
  • Change of fonts
  • Change of navigation system
  • Change of a couple of styles, add a picture

Sure, it could also be a complete makeover from scratch !
This is why, cost can vary…a lot, and we need to get in touch with you so we can make the best offer!

Optimization or Makeover ?

It’s a thin border between those two. Most of the time you will band to optimize your website when going through a makeover. Even though end users might not notice anything different, it could make your website faster, better for SEO wich eventually will lead to better ROI for your company.

Obviously you could take advantage of our maintenance contracts to do this, but if you don’t, you should at least consider it, when doing a makeover

Here are a few exemples of changes you could make during an optimization/makeover operation :

  • Change of email settings
  • Change of contacts, placement of contact detail, adding a map
  • Change of image size and compress them
  • Optimization of code for faster load time
  • Setting up cookies
  • Change of (or installation) the cache system
  • Change of admin profiles/rights for your contributors
  • Use of a CDN for your static files to improve loading time of your website

There are many more points we could list, all of them should result in an improvement for you, search engines et mostly your customers !

Don’t know where to start ? contact us, and we’ll run a complete audit of your website so you know what professionals would change so you have a better website !