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Création de site internet, web, sous wordpress à petit prix

Website creation

We build the website you imagined and need. From a  few pages to complex and bigger project to display your work and gain new customers!

Création de site marchand prestashop en suisse romande

Online shop

Let’s start selling online tomorrow! Together we’ll create your online shop so you can sell to customers online all around the world!

Améliorez vos ranking dans le moteurs de recherche avec notre offre de référencement naturel, SEO


Search Engine Optimization is critical to your online presence. Customers need to find you easily on top keyword related to your field of expertise, we can make it happen!

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Website Makeover

Your website has to reflect your true identity and entice your cutomers to contact you. Contact us so we can give your website a new youth!

prix creation de site internet suisse


Every task has a price, so you can get an idea where you step in, we built this pricing guideline. We will need detailed informations to produce our final offer.

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Social medias

Social medias are essentials today. You don’t know how/where or when ? we’ll walk you through the basics, set up plans and help you develop you onlin presence so you can attract more leads.

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Websites audits
Web pages created

Responsive Design

Almost 50% of today’s internet trafic is from mobile devices. It’s critical that your website is fully responsive so you can reach all your potential customers.

At MS-Webservices, we handpick and develop 100% responsive templates only. No matter what device your customers are using to browse your website, it will look nice and be functionnal

We use a wide set of tools to test and make sure every website we build is fit on smatphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Don’t hesitate and contact us for a reponsive and modern website.

Mobile friendly

As far back as early 2014 Google explicitly said that non mobile-friendly website would not appear on search results pages made from mobiles

It is critical, considering the volume of searches, that your website is certified “mobile-friendly” by Google so you don’t miss any potential customer.

In our  agency we run all kinf of tests to make sure you get this , oh so important, label : “Mobile-friendly”. We make sure you will display on search engine when a query is made from a mobile device!

Structured Data

Structured data allow search engines to better understand your website content and gives additional infos when your pages are displayed in search result pages

When you see a price, an adress, open hours or any other extra information on search engines, those are passed through structured data so your customers get all revelant informations on a simple glimplse.

Website using structured data rank higher on search engines and get more trafic with a better ROI since user already have more informations.
Ask us to integrate this powerfull tool on your website!

You need pictures for one of your project ? Discover our images and come to us!

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